I will be writing about cultural takes from China, travel destinations, applying for scholarships, exchange experience, life in Shanghai, entering Chinese competitions etc. I want this blog to be an informative guide to prepare future laowais for China.

About me: My name is Sarah and I am originally from Griffith, NSW a country town of 25 thousand people with amazing diverse agriculture. I might also do some occasional posts about agriculture, farm life and the amazing town I call home. I moved away, 6 hours to study my degree at the University of Wollongong where I began learning Mandarin. After one year I found myself on exchange at the Shanghai International Studies University. I learned, made friends, partied, traveled and had so many experiences. I have learned culture in the classroom and I have learned culture while traveling China. My blog will be focused on learning cultural differences so that you can be more at ease in China and do not grow frustration towards your host. I do not encourage you to learn culture in a classroom. The best way to learn culture is to put yourself on a plane and go!

Published by sazcud

I went on exchange to China, Shanghai in 2017 and after sometime I am writing this blog in my reflection of travel, experiences and culture. I want this blog to help bridge a misunderstanding between two cultures, the East and the West, Australia, and China. I also want to provide informative posts about applying for scholarships and tips for living in Shanghai/ going on exchange. I plan to return to Shanghai International Studies University in Feb 2020. This time I want to travel to Chongqing, lijian, taiwan and hongkong to name a few! I am still adding more to my bucket list. Last time I traveled to chongming island, zhangjiajie, zhujiajiao water town, xi'an, yichang and beijing - which you will see blog posts about very soon!

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